Q2 Artificial Lift Services is committed to protecting the health & safety of our employees, contractors, the public and environment.  Safety is a core value at Q2 ALS and the primary goal is to continue operating a profitable business while protecting employees from injuries or illness.

All employees have obligations under legislation and all employees are expected to co-operate fully with Q2 ALS in our desire, not only to prevent incidents, but also to make our working environment a healthier and safer place for all.

Q2 ALS provides all employees with training & resources they need to perform their work safely.  There is no job so urgent that we cannot take the time to work safely with care and with consideration for our workplace and others.

Continuous improvement of our HSE program is important at Q2 ALS.  We participate in yearly safety audits, complete worksite assessments and discuss opportunities for improvement on a regular basis.

Contact:   Scott Cooper, Director of HSE
Direct: 403.406.5959
Cell: 403.396.9609