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SharkTAC Tubing Anchor Casing-Scraper

A fully engineered tubing anchor that eliminates limitations of existing tubing anchors. The SharkTAC Tubing Anchor Casing-Scraper is a high-performance downhole tubing anchor that offers the greatest possible annular flowby cross sectional area – more than a tubing coupling and is no longer the production limiting component in the annular flow path above a downhole pump.

It is very common for annular flow-by restrictive tubing anchors to cause erratic pump fillage and reduce downhole gas separator performance. An annular flow path restriction above a pump also prevents annular fluid levels from being pumped down or pumped off (limiting a well’s production potential). See technical paper: McCoy, J., Rowlan, L., Taylor, C., Podio, A. (2014), “Tubing Anchors Can Reduce Production Rates and Pump Fillage”, URTEC-1918491.

The “catcher” feature common with standard tubing has been limiting both the annular flowby area and the internal diameter of tubing anchors. As such, a catcher feature has been engineered out from this design to avoid such limitations.

Category: Accessories

Tubing Anchor Specifications

Series Model Name


Casing Size, in [mm]

5.5 [139.7]

Casing Weight, lb/ft [kg/m]

17-23 [25.4-34.3]

Length, feet [m]

5.3 [1.62]

Connections, in [mm]

2-7/8″ [73.0] EUE

Torque Rating, ft.lbs [N.m]

500 [678]

Tensile Rating, klbs [kdaN]

60 [26.7]

Internal Diameter, in [mm]

2.347 [59.6]

Shear Pin Increments, klbs [kdaN]

5 [2.2]


API L-80 (Rockwell HRC < 22)

Optional Coating

ENC 300 modified (scale/corrosion)