Pat Newman
Team Lead/Field Technologist
Sturgeon Lake Operations

“I have worked closely with Q2 since they opened their facility in Grande Prairie. Ryan and his crew always provide exceptional service in a timely manner. Every pump that enters their shop is tore down immediately and the technician calls to update us on what was found. Whenever we encounter problems with one of our bottom hole pumps, Q2 has provided excellent technical support on how to extend the run life on our pumps. During our current environment, everyone has been forced to find cost reductions whenever possible and Q2 has proven to be extremely cost effective for us. Q2 has outperformed its competitors through engineering and technical support along with new technologies and innovation.”

Derek Huenison
Team Lead, Well Servicing
NAL Resources

“NAL Resources made the switch to Q2 ALS upon completion of a stringent Category Management Bid in 2017. Competitive pricing was the key factor in awarding the bid, but exemplary service has been a huge contributing factor in category retention. Q2 ALS provides service for us in all of our production areas including; Estevan, Red Deer, Kindersley and Grande Prairie.

Over the years Q2 ALS has provided numerous recommendations to increase our pump runtimes in many challenging producing areas. Multiple proprietary innovations within their pump design has resulted in reduced downtime, increased runtime and significant cost savings.
Q2 ALS is a superior service provider with a proven performance record.”

Tyson Willms, P. Eng.
Production Engineer, Northgate
Vermilion Energy Inc.

“Q2 has been the best pump company to work with in terms of the expediency and availability of any design of pump I have wanted to run, showing outperformance of its peers. Whether it is a part that is not commonly used in the area or otherwise, Q2 has been there to provide that equipment faster and cheaper than it’s competitors which means that I get wells repaired faster and can make the necessary changes required, in order to keep wells running longer. The strong communication, innovation and knowledge/experience at Q2 is also a great benefit which continues to grow the symbiotic relationship between the producer and Q2. The added bonus is that Q2 is a Canadian company that tailor’s itself to Canadian oil & gas needs.”

Todd Lawrence
Operations Manager
Aldon Oils

“Reece and the team at Q2ALS Estevan have earned the majority of the ALS solutions work for Aldon Oils.  Their technical expertise and commitment to service has made us confident that we don’t need to search for better options in this area as we continue to adapt to an otherwise rapidly changing environment.”

Jeff Kirkwood CET
Optimization Technologist
Cenovus Energy Inc.

“We have used Q2 for the last several years. The pump techs are very knowledgeable about their products and are always wanting to improve designs and run life. The Q2 Trak database is also very helpful to track our pumps. Overall I’m very pleased with the support and quality of work Q2 provides to Cenovus.”

Dustin Abt
Optimization Technologist
Cenovus Energy Inc.

Q2 has provided tremendous service and support to Cenovus over the last number of years.  Technical support from Q2 is excellent whether it is be designing a pump from scratch for a new pumping well or troubleshooting problem wells.  The pump techs are extremely knowledgeable and provide timely and thorough teardowns.  When I receive phone calls after the teardown they have detailed reports of all components along with possible recommendations to extend runtime and or improve performance.  An example of this is adding bottom discharges on pumps that we have issues unseating, eliminating having to pull tubing in some instances saving Cenovus both time and money.

“Q2 is Technology & Innovation in Motion”


Don Durgan,
Area Foreman, Vermilion Energy

Q2-Flow One Piece insert guided valve system improves pumping efficiency to yield a sustainable 53% production increase.

“The well that had the best overall results was our Plato well, this well produces a very foamy product with a 50% Brine, Sand and Water cut, an absolute oil density of 905kg/m3 and around 3.4 dekatherms of gas. I personally credit it’s increase to the unique cage design of the Q2 pump being able to pump this fluid without the usual gas locking and the traveling valve seating properly rather than floating since we run very little back pressure on the tubing. It’s production in April 2019 was 1.48m3/day oil and as of December 31, 2019 with the Q2 pump it is still producing 2.77m3/day.”

Shane Imber
Area Foreman

Q2 Engineers optimized existing pump system designs including addition of Q2-Flow One Piece insert guided valve system and Premium Sand Twister innovation in sand laden well improving pumping efficiency to yield a sustainable production increase in each of four (4) wells resulting in a total average production increase of 36%.

“The Q2-Flow Insert Guide is proven to reduce pressure drop by up to 40% increasing downhole longevity. Our patented design prevents ball chatter with a concave fluid profile allowing us to increase our cross-sectional flow area. The innovative Sand Twister components keep sand and debris in motion.”


Entrada Case Study

Entrada Resources is focused on acquiring and developing oil and gas assets in the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin….