Q2ALS WhaleShark Rod Pump System


Q2 Artificial Lift Services offer clients complete pumping systems that maximize their oil production. Our focus and expertise are in the design and manufacturing of downhole rod pumps. We start with designing pumping systems on a well-to-well basis starting with a world class downhole rod pumps. Q2 has the expertise, technical experience, engineering, and manufacturing to design and optimize these pumps to maximize flow and minimize failures, resulting in the best pump fillage and the longest lasting pumps in the industry. Our product is manufactured internally allowing us to offer world class, high quality components for our valued clients around the globe. We currently have many Q2 pump designs for Gas/ Sand and utilizing our innovative Q2 Flow Cage, and in conjunction with the WhaleShark, we can offer a fully integrated system.

Q2’s patent pending Q2-Flow Valve Standing and Travelling Cages are designed to keep the remaining gas entrained throughout the smallest cross sectional area of our pumps. These Q2 cages have proven to provide not only increased fluid flow, but also help in minimizing the destructive vibrations in our pumps as well as our sucker rods.

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