Q2ALS Turbine

The Q2-Turbine is a new and innovative design that allows our seat plugs to maximize fluid dynamics that help in valve efficiency and
overall production. The Q2-Turbine utilizes the same helical angle as the Q2-Flow cage that reduces pressure drop by 40%.

Category: Accessories

The Turbine shaped seat plug works by inducing a vortex below the ball and seat assisting the Q2-Flow insert to create a reverse concave fluid seat that helps stabilize the ball. The vortex is created through the multiple helical flow areas that pass axially through the plug body. This vortex flow helps keep the gas entrained in solution while also preventing ball vibration and chatter. This also enhances fluid dynamics when moving sediments through cages. The Q2 Turbine seat plug, in combination, helps create a greater vortex than just the Q2-Flow Cage solely. We offer both the traveling cage seat plug and the standing cage seat bushing in this design.