Engineering and Technical Services

We have a full team of engineers that help in the design of new concepts and all scenarios related to down hole problems. Our field staff have access to our engineering group and utilize our knowledge-based advantage in all field related problems.

Q2 Engineering Team

Corbin Coyes, P.Eng. B.N.M. V.P. Engineering

• 26 years of experience in Oil and Gas with Service Companies for Drilling, Completions and Production
• Invented the TangentFlow Technology and hold another three patents for downhole tools
• Previous Partner of Marquis Alliance purchased by Secure Energy in 2011
• Served as Technical Representative and then Technical Director of Canadian Heavy Oil Association 10 years
• Served as in-House Technical Engineering Specialist in the offices of Shell, Devon, Suncor, STAT, Apache, MEG and Husky

Pawandeep Khair, P.Eng. Engineering Manager

• Masters Degree in Engineering from Concordia University
• APEGA member
• 10 years in Oil & Gas

Deep Pola, E.I.T.

• Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Windsor
• APEGA Member: E.I.T.
• 8 years in oil and gas

Akhilesh Munipally, E.I.T.

• Master’s in Industrial Engineering from University of Windsor
• Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, JNT University
• APEGA Member: E.I.T.
• 5 years in oil and gas

Darrell Copsey, SCL

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing, LeTourneau University
• 40+ years’ experience in management, manufacturing and quality of oilfield equipment
• Member of API Subcommittee 11 on Field Operating Equipment, SC19 on Completion Equipment, and past member on SC5 Tubular goods, writing the specifications that affect the industry
• Former Chair SC11, Vice-Chair SC11, and Chair of API 11AX and API 11BR documents
• International liaison to China for API Subcommittee 11
• Managed international manufacturing and supply chain for major suppliers focused in Asia for the last 15 years.

Craig Pardy, P.L., P.Tech
• Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology-College of the North Atlantic
• APEGA Member-Professional Licensee (Engineering)
• APEGS Member-Engineering Licensee
• ASET Member-Professional Technologist (Engineering)
• 17 years Production Engineering/Operations

Adam Veenstra

• Certified Engineering Technologist registered with ASET
• 15 years in the Oil & Gas Industry
• 10 years as a Petroleum Engineering Technologist
• Graduated Petroleum Engineering Technology from NAIT

Reg Prostebby

• NAIT Graduate – Petroleum/Gas Technology – 1975
• Registered Engineering Technologist (RET) with ASET – 1982
• Process/Completions/Production Optimization Engineer – Amoco, Dome, BP – 1975 – 1989
• Principle Owner (1989) – Hart-Tech Oilwell Optimization Ltd – sold in 1995 and went public with Otatco
• Engineering Manager – Quinn’s Oilfield Supply Ltd – 1999- 2008
• Optimization Consultant – Pentagon Oilwell Services – 2008 – 2014
• Delta-P Solutions Ltd – Optimization Consultant – 2014 – present
• 45+ years of Oilwell Optimization/Production experience
• NAIT Curriculum Advisory Committee Member – 1990 – 2005
• Petroleum Industry Training Services (PITS) – Oilwell Optimization instructor – 1990 – 2005

Benny Williams

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington with a minor in metallurgy, 1977
• Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University, 1996
• Registered engineer in the state of Texas
• 35 years’ experience in the artificial lift industry in product development, product application, training of personnel and company management
• Invented or co-invented successful patented products relating to down hole sucker rod pumps
• Authored and presented papers for the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course and taught classes there and at ALRDC conferences
• Recipient of the J.C. Slonneger award from the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course
• Served on the ALRDC board of directors
• Serve on API committees related to sucker rod pumps

Q2ALS offers in house engineering and technical support relating to both manufacturing and down hole applications. We have a technical team in Calgary, AB Canada that can recommend rod designs for all down hole applications throughout all our facilities in North America.

We also have a full engineering team that can assist with new product designs and troubleshooting.

This engineering and technical support is, along with our knowledge of down hole pumping systems, part of our services offered to our client base.