People make success possible.

At Q2 Artificial Lift Services, our goal is simple: to become a world-class organization recognized for our people and performance. So while we’re delivering industry-leading pump parts, assemblies and services to our customers—we’re also making a commitment to help our employees thrive. Simply put successful employees define Q2’s success as a company. That’s why we strive to build a culture of safety,  pride, integrity, quality and opportunity.

Here, our work runs on Technology and Innovation in Motion, and our people have the freedom to ask questions, challenge ideas, and solve problems in unexpected ways.

All our team members have the opportunity to grow—and the confidence of working in the ever expanding manufacturing industry.


We don’t hire just anyone on to our manufacturing team

Learn more about what we are looking for—and how Q2 builds your potential.

Think ‘Manufacturing Career’ and you might envision images of dark factories covered in a layer of dust with overworked employees handling dangerous equipment.

This is simply NOT the modern manufacturing plant at Q2ALS. With a new state-of-the-art facility in Red Deer, we offer a safe working environment for our manufacturing teams. Our Safety First value is non-negotiable. To support this statement, we offer comprehensive safety training starting day one, along with guidance from your supervisor and HSE leader to help you learn as you go.

Here, successful employees are detail-oriented, motivated, keen to hit production numbers and take pride in their team and workplace.

We’re here to encourage and support—from our supervisors who help you perform today, to training opportunities to help you grow tomorrow.

Process Support

Systems | Structure | Support

 Learn more about why your role is critical—and how Q2 builds your potential.

Process Support employees take pride in ensuring that our products are made safely, to stringent quality standards and are delivered to the right place at the right time. While that may sound simple, these tasks requires careful planning, a high level of coordination, and remarkable teamwork.

Having the right processes and systems in place allows this to happen. It’s equally important having the right people to manage and work within these systems.

Here, successful employees are process-oriented, motivated to hit their targets and take pride in their team and workplace.

Branch Operations

Our customers need solutions; fast.

Learn more about what it takes to be a part of our Branch Operations—and how Q2 builds your potential.

It takes a whole network of locations to connect our customers with the products they need throughout North America. That’s where our Branch Operations come in.

These Q2-owned and Q2-operated branch locations are the pump shops where customers directly purchase products. Here, successful Branch Operations employees welcome the challenges in supporting a variety of clients with an equal variety of needs.

Pump shop managers, drivers, technicians, administrative—these are just a few of the roles that keep our 30+  locations thriving and expanding across North America. 


Relationships don’t just happen.

Learn more about what it takes to make connections that convert to sales—and how Q2 helps get you there.

As the first line of contact with many of our customers, the sales staff is critical to the success of Q2ALS. Sales managers maintain and grow relationships with current customers—while exploring all the ways our diverse product lines may help new customers, too.

Our sales team educates, informs, and delivers new products and support needs to customers within assigned areas. Whether the focus is local, regional, national, or international—our sales team builds our customer base and connects them with solutions.

Business Support

Some might call this team business life-support; it can’t exist without.

 Learn more about why your role is critical—and what success looks like on this team.

Wherever and however Q2 fits into your Finance, Accounting, IT or Administrative career path, our belief stays the same: don’t just work somewhere, work for a leader.

Here, successful Business Support employees have excellent technical skills, a positive attitude, are motivated to be part of a team, and take advantage of learning opportunities.  These employees want to grow with Q2ALS as we adapt to meet new challenges such as rapid growth and changes in our industry.

Current Opportunities

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