Q2 Artificial Lift Services Senior Management Team brings years of expertise and experience to the down hole rod pump space. Our teams diverse and extensive knowledge based skillsets allow Q2 to focus on the tasks at hand that will help Q2 achieve the goals it has set forth. As a senior management team combined we have well over 200 years of experience in the down hole rod pump industry. This experience gives Q2 the advantage in forward thinking relating to formatting an objective that will address our customers needs. Q2 understands it is a long term relationship with our customer base that will give us the opportunity to illustrate the Q2 advantage. The senior management team of Q2 understands putting our customers first is what will help us achieve our goals. Q2 is Technology and Innovation in Motion.


Doug Quinn

President & CEO

Doug Quinn acquired his B.A. in Economics along with a Minor in Management from the University of Calgary, which he has utilized extensively throughout his career over the past 25+ years. Understanding business from the shop floor to management, Mr. Quinn joined Quinn Pumps in 1991, a family business started by his father, Jim Quinn in 1965. Mr. Quinn served as President following Jim Quinn’s retirement and grew the company from a Canadian based operation with 8 locations to a North American leader in the oil and gas industry with over 50 locations across Canada and the U.S.A. before selling to Lufkin Industries in 2011. One of Mr. Quinn’s many talents is his ability to replicate successful processes and leverage innovative ideas from one area to another to bring about complete unification. Mr. Quinn continues to lead multi-million-dollar companies with a strong work ethic that demonstrates his passion for business and the strength of character to withstand the ups and downs of a volatile industry.

Mr. Quinn has coached AAA hockey for the last several years and has enjoyed many championships during this time along with his close coaching staff.

Mr. Quinn has always given back to the Red Deer Community not only in the capacity of coaching but also as a philanthropist within the local community.

Colin Heidel

V.P. Sales & Marketing

Mr. Heidel started his career with legacy Quinn back in 1983 as a pump technician and has been promoted throughout his tenure to his current capacity as Vice President of Sales and Marketing maintaining strong customer relations that spans decades.

Mr. Heidel’s business acumen has positioned our company as leaders in our industry and signifies integrity and professionalism, a back bone of our values. Mr. Heidel focuses on facilitating profitable growth strategies, which drives a strong culture of sustainability & customer service. He has a proven track record of obtaining new revenue and retaining all prior clientele. Mr. Heidel’s knowledge and field experience has proven invaluable in all aspects of down hole rod pumps and has been instrumental in expanding our brand outside of the North American market.

Gerard Walsh

Director of Sales & Special Products

In his roll at Q2 Artificial Lift Services, Gerard is responsible to work closely with the Shop Managers, Regional Sales, Manufacturing Plant and our Customers to grow the Bottom Hole Pump business for Q2 ALS throughout Western Canada by working together with all parties to offer the right solution for our customers artificial lift needs.With his SCM (Supply Chain Management) background from previous employment Gerard will be working closely with the field and plant to increase our product line offering and profitability in the other than manufactured products for Q2 ALS. With optimization experience brought to Q2 ALS from the acquisition of Prime Pump Industries, Gerard continues to manage our field Optimization Group based in Red Deer and Drayton Valley offering wellsite optimization services to help our customers better understand their down hole requirements.Gerard has over 40 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry ranging from roughneck on workover rigs to President & CEO of Prime Pump Industries (acquired by Q2 ALS). Within these years Gerard has worked overseas in such places like Norway, Scotland & Indonesia working in warehousing, SCM, and Management roles. His background lends him expertise in managing people, oilfield supply – distribution, production equipment, SCM, and artificial lift services.

Michael Conner

Director, International Sales

Mr. Conner joined legacy Quinn’s in 1992 and currently holds the title of Director of International Sales and is ultimately responsible for all sales growth outside of North America. Mr. Conner brings a wealth of sales experience and knowledge of the worldwide oil & gas market place to Q2 ALS. His travels abroad have allowed Q2ALS to be present in markets that were previously untapped due to his professionalism and customer service and rapport allowing our company to flourish overseas. Mr. Conner’s creative sales initiatives has increased our footprint internationally and greatly improves the financial gains of the organization year over year.

Corbin Coyes

V.P. Engineering

Mr. Coyes graduated with an Engineering Degree from the University of Calgary with Oil Field Internship Distinction. His Entrepreneurial spirit has helped him grow two Oil & Gas Service and Supply Companies, to later sell, landing him Director Positions to help strategically grow market share building relationships of trust with technical innovations.

Passionate about Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry, he was Director of the CHOA Canadian Heavy Oil Association and invented the TangentFlow valve which is currently being utilized in every major oil field in North America. His role at Q2 ALS includes educating Production Engineers on the advantages of combining theory with practical sciences to help them improve their oil production. He is also involved in new product development and enjoys creating new solutions for the oil and gas industry.

David St. Louis

V.P. Field Operations

Mr. St. Louis is Vice President of Canadian Field Operations bringing over 30 years of down-hole artificial lift experience specializing in reciprocating rod lift. David has instructed at several Artificial Lift Schools such as ENFORM and has presented at several industry technical symposiums. Mr. St. Louis is methodical and knowledgeable in many facets of his guidance over our 14 field store locations from B.C. across Alberta to Saskatchewan and is proof of how to run successful and profitable field stores.

Kevin Gartner

Regional Operations Manager

Mr. Gartner is currently our Regional Operations Manager overseeing the day to day operations for the Canadian field locations. Kevin started with legacy Quinn in 1990 as a pump tech, working his way up to Branch Manager of the Provost location for 12 years before being promoted to Regional Sales Manager.

During the brief time between legacy Quinn to Q2ALS Mr. Gartner was the Operations Manager and Northern Territory Manager with another Artificial Lift Services company. His knowledge of down hole rod pumps and vast experience from the field store level grants him the exceptional talent of being the liaison between the field stores to the Senior team.

Darlene Hauck

V.P. Finance

Ms. Hauck received her CGA designation in 2003 and completed the Honor’s Bachelor of Commerce program in 2005 after starting her career with legacy Quinn in 2003. Ms. Hauck was appointed Controller of the US Operations in 2005 and soon after became Controller at legacy Quinn’s Oilfield Supply Ltd. in 2007. With her strong work ethic and working knowledge for financial reporting, financial process improvement and financial systems and controls she has continued to ensure the financial security of the company that has allowed us to continue to grow year after year. Promoted to Vice President, Finance in December 2016, Ms. Hauck has been a contributory factor in making financial decisions that will allow our successful growth to becoming the dominant supplier of choice to the oilfield industry.


Larry Cain

V.P. US Sales & Business Development

Mr. Cain joined legacy Quinn’s in 1999 as US Sales Manager and grew the US division to 26 field locations. Larry works closely with Doug Quinn and oversees all operational and sales aspects of the US division in his current role as V.P. US Business Development for Q2 ALS.

Larry has over 40 years of oilfield experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Kelly Stanley

V.P. US Operations

Mr. Stanley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida Institute of Technology. He has been in the oil and gas industry for 20 + years and have worked in a variety of capacities throughout his career.

Mr. Stanley joined the Q2 ALS team in February 2021 as the corporate sales director. Prior to joining the Q2 Team, he spent 10 years of his career in an executive role with a large independent oil and gas service/distribution company.

Kelly is passionate about driving a strong unified culture within an organization to create a positive and winning experience for both our employees and our customers we serve. Mr. Stanley’s role as VP US Operations will also include driving operational excellence by creating a holistic and collaborative environment throughout our organization.

Wendell Mortensen

USA Director of Operations

Mr. Mortensen has extensive working knowledge in the oilfield industry and is currently our USA Operations, Products and Training Manager. Mr. Mortensen worked at legacy Quinn as a Regional Manager based out of California for 12 years, plus over 20 years growing a successful customer base within the rod pump arena.
One of Mr. Mortensens strengths is his eye for detail and customizing reporting making it easier for both our customers benefit and internally.

Overseeing the California and several locations in West Texas areas, one of his responsibilities is to educate not only our mangers at those locations but to train our customers on how we can reduce their overall bottom line with our products and processes.

Larry Lockwood

Permian Basin Sales Manager

Larry Lockwood  Permian Basin Sales Manager brings 25 years of experience in down hole pumps. Larry’s career started with Highland Pump, Gibco, and worked at Legacy Quinn for 20 years.

He started in the pump shop working in all areas of operations and sales. Larry’s expertise includes problem solving and designing pumps to help our customers extend run times and increase their productivity. Larry’s extensive knowledge base has been integral in providing our customers with real time solutions and he has played a major role in Q2ALS sales growth through customer presentations, pump schools, and trouble shooting problem wells.

Mike Eggleston

East Regional Operations Manager

Mike Eggleston is our Operations Manager for the Eastern Permian Basin and brings 35 years experience in down hole pumping systems.  Mike worked for legacy Quinn Pumps in a technical sales role and regional operations manager for 17 years prior.

Mike’s extensive knowledge and field experience has been instrumental in providing customers solutions to down hole rod pumping problems.