Q2 Premium Sand Twister Pump

The new Q2 Premium Sand Twister Pump is designed with moving sediment and solids. This design utilizes 2 of the patented Q2 technologies in our one piece Q2-Flow cage and our new sand twister component. This design will not only maximize velocity when moving solids etc through the cages, but also our sand twister component along with positive seal plug, will virtually eliminate sand from falling alongside the plunger. This design will not only increase run lives of down hole rod pump, but also decreases the effect sand and solids have on components in interior of pump. This design can also be run with several different styles of Q2 sand plungers. Along with a sand screen this pump is a rugged design to help not only produce solids, but increase the longevity of pump down hole.

Category: Sand Pump Designs


• Monel component to increase strength and promote corrosion resistance
• Precision Machined
• Beveled Edge
• Spray Metal Coated
• Q2-Flow Cages


• Extends run lives
• Eliminates sand from settling between plunger and barrel
• Increases pump efficiency