SharkNET Self Cleaning Filter

The SharkNET Self Cleaning Solids Filter System is a high-performance downhole solids separation system that offers the greatest possible long-term pump solids protection.

To effectively separate solids over a broad size range, filtering is required. Cyclonic and gravity-based solids separators are not able to efficiently separate finer particles such as 100 mesh frac sand.

Category: Accessories

The risk with solids filtering is filter plugging. To resolve this risk, the SharkNET was developed to bring successful surface facility self-cleaning filter system technology downhole.

Continuous filter cleaning is achieved with a specially designed rod pump with a standing valve that back flushes. Delaying the closing of a standing valve using an Extension Tube between the flow-by cage and seat creates a reverse pressure pulse wave and a back flush volume that dislodges solids from the filter and settles them downward into mud joints during the pump’s downstroke.

The system continuously cleans the filter without having to stop or interrupting pumping operations.