Sand Brush


Q2-Sand Brush is designed to reduce the situation where pump sticks in the well bore due to sand accumulation around it in the tubing. It is used on top of the pump below the rod guide to keep sand falling into the barrel/tubing annulus and keeps the pump from sticking in over a period of time in the well bore.

Q2-Sand Brush replaces a regular sand fins for better performance. Bristles on the sand brush are made of Nylon, these bristles melt at 420-degree F, they start to distort at about 250-degree F. Sand brush last longer and withstands wear and tear better than regular sand fins.

Category: Accessories


1)When ordering, indicate complete part number by adding the following prefixes to the assembly part number to indicate specific mandrel material.
Blank – Carbon Steel A – Alloy Steel B – Brass M – Monel S – Stainless Steel
2)Sand Brush material are made of Nylon.