Q2 ALS RXB API insert pumps are thin-walled, stationary barrel, top hold-down pumps recognized by API as a standard design. These pumps are suitable for moderate to maximum depths of approximately 10,000’. The thin-walled barrel has depth limitations due to the 3/16” thickness of barrel. Due to barrel is internally threaded, this gives producers the ability to maximize production in a specific size of tubing. The bottom hold-down design allows the ability to set pump at greater depths due to the equalization of pressure between barrel OD and tubing ID therefore eliminating “breathing” of barrel when it is exposed to the reservoir pressures.


  • Low-sand wells
  • Low-fluid-level wells
  • Moderate depth wells
Category: API Pumps

Benefits & Features

  • High adaptability
  • High-fluid-volume insert pump
  • Thin-walled barrel
  • Bottom hold-down
  • Universally accepted design