Q2 ALS RWA API insert pumps are thin-walled, stationary barrel, top hold down pumps recog-nized by API as a standard design. These pumps are suitable for shallow to moderate depths (approximately 5000’) with high sand fallback on well shutdown. The thin-walled barrel has depth limitations due to the 1/8” thickness of barrel. Due to barrel is internally threaded, this give producers the ability to maximize production in a specific size of tubing. The top hold down design eliminates sand from building up around pump barrel as the fluid dispersion happens directly above the seat nipple which prevents pump from becoming stuck in a sand laden application. The RW design is also cost effective as it has less components than the RH design. Seating options include mechanical or cup types suitable for high temperatures and mechanical types to simplify well maintenance.


  • Sandy wells
  • Low fluid-level gassy or foamy wells
  • Shallow to moderate depth wells
Category: API Pumps

Benefits & Features

  • Eliminates stuck pump
  • Allows full submersion in fluid
  • Highest-volume insert pump
  • Thin-walled barrel
  • Top anchor hold-down
  • Universally accepted design