Q2 ALS RHAC API insert pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel, top hold down pumps recog-nized by API as a standard design. These pumps are suitable for moderate depths with high sand fallback on well shutdown. The heavy-walled bar-rel is designed to better handle down hole pres-sures due to the extra wall thickness of barrel. Wall thickness on this barrel is 3/16. The top hold-down design eliminates and from building up around pump barrel as the fluid dispersion hap-pens directly above the seat nipple which pre-vents pump from becoming stuck in a sand laden application. The seating options on this pump include both mechanical or cup types suitable for high temperatures and mechanical types to sim-plify well maintenance. A mechanical hold-down does not require repair unless major damage has occurred. Seating cups should be replaced every time the pump is unset. The greater ID of the ex-tension collars allow both scale and sand to build up therefore eliminating premature seizure of plunger in barrel chamber.


• Wells with high sand

• Low fluid-level & gaseous fluid

• Shallow to moderate depth wells

Category: API Pumps

Benefits & Features

  • Allows full submersion in fluid
  • Greater depth capability than RWA API insert pump
  • Heavy-walled barrel
  • Top hold-down
  • API Insert Pump accepted design