Q2 Velocity – Gas Separator

Q2 Artificial Lift Services has designed an effective yet simplistic gas anchor to produce high GOR wells using existing pumping equipment. It eliminates many pump related problems such as gas locking, decreased production rates and reduced efficiency. This proven technology, includes several metallurgical designs, to assist in any well condition.

Categories: Accessories, Production Tools


This system is a proven theory, which simply uses the well configuration and gravity to break the gas out of the produced fluids. It does this by re‐directing the well bore fluid to enter the Gas Separator Housings top slotted ports, allowing most of the gas to break out of the fluid due to the pressure drop, and continue up the wellbore annulus. Any of the gaseous fluids which make their way into the anchor housing are then subject to the laws of fluid separation which by the means of gravity work against a relatively low downward velocity, and a predetermined distance of travel for maximum separation.


  • Minimizes the gas locking of pumps
  • Increases production
  • Decreases lifting costs
  • Improve bottomhole pump efficiency
  • Allows for problem wells to be pumped by conventional means.