Q2-Latch On/Off Tool Assembly

The Q2-Latch On-Off Tool Assembly provides a dependable method of positively engaging and disengaging the sucker rods at or above the bottom hole pump. The tool primarily is used in providing a means of running oversized tubing pumps, to increase overall production without replacing the entire tubing string.

Categories: Accessories, Production Tools


The complete tool consists of two assemblies: An upper assembly containing a spring‐loaded lock follower, and the lower ‐ a one‐piece locking key. The follower is made up with the body, followed by a heavy-duty spring inserted above the follower which is compressed by a top bushing. The top bushing makes up on the sucker rod string. The follower is guided by two ball bearings and allowed to travel vertically against the spring. The lock is a one‐piece part with an A.P.I. polished rod box thread which makes up on the pump pull rod adapter or valve cage.


  • Heavy-Duty design engineered for superior strength with premium materials, thicker material in critical areas, and gas nitriding case hardening
  • Gas Nitriding of the Lock and the Body enhance fatigue endurance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and reduce friction of the Q2-Latch On-Off Tool
  • The ability to increase fluid production from a smaller tubing string
  • It gives the producer the ability to disengage rod string from pump, therefore, eliminating the need to strip rod string while leaving the pump down hole
  • The Q2-Latch On-Off Tool is also available in INCONEL® for increased fatigue strength and superior corrosion resistance
  • INCONEL® is a nickel‐based super alloy with excellent tensile, creep, and impact strength. It is highly resistant to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking and has high-temperature resistance.