Q2 Artificial Lift Services’ Q2-HV Frac Pump provides a superior pumping system for efficient production of solid laden fluids. The Q2– HV Frac Pump is capable of handling a variety of solids including frac sand, formation sand, and formation fines. The pumping system combines an improved pump design for enhanced efficiency and a unique combination of wear resistant technologies to increase run life with produced solids.

Category: Sand Pump Designs

Features & Advantages

  • Handles frac sand, formation sand, iron sulfide and formation fines
  • Improved pump efficiency
  • Extended pump run life
  • Advanced, field-proven materials
  • Configuration and material flexibility allows us to meet well conditions

Standard Pump Features

  • Chrome I.D. Barrels
  • Spray Metal Poly Pak Plunger
  • Titanium Carbide Balls—Tungsten Carbide Seats
  • Q2-Flow Insert Guided