Q2-Frac Plunger


The Q2-Frac Pump is designed to pump fluids effectively and economically by cleaning the barrel area, despite the presence of sand and abrasive laden fluid. The Q2-Frac Pump is also a one piece plunger incorporating machined grooves that are fitted with chemical and abrasion resistant nitroxil solid rings. The rings have an oversized surface area that increases both sealing and efficiency on the up stroke. This beveled ring eliminates any sediments from getting along side of plunger therefore sweeping barrel ID clean on both up stroke and down stroke forcing sediments through ID of plunger assembly.

Category: Plungers

Features & Advantages

Q2-Frac Plunger

  • U-cup seals help to reduce fluid slippage, and improve plunger to barrel seal.
  • Low maintenance cost and can be repaired at well site by changing rings.
  • U-cup seal grooves machined into Monel pins to improve corrosion resistance.
  • Grooves prevent scoring the barrel and plunger by trapping sand in the grooves.
  • Spray metal-coated plunger protects against corrosion and wear.
  • Positive seal 90A Nitroxile ring with optional 70A Nitrile O-ring.
Temperature rating:-20°F to 275°F (-29°C to 135°C)


  • Plunger is manufactured from 1026 Carbon Steel tubing material.
  • Plunger is spray metal coated with Nickel or Tungsten Carbide.
  • Minimum thickness of spray metal is 0.010 in. per side.
  • Plunger is manufactured with plain or grooved outside surface.
  • U-cup seal grooves are available in 1, 2 and 3 grooves at each end of plunger.