Q2 Frac Pump

Q2 Artificial Lift Services’ Q2-Frac Pump provides a superior pumping system for efficient production of solid laden fluids. The Q2-Frac Pump is capable of handling a variety of solids including frac sand, formation sand, and formation fines. The pumping system combines an improved pump design for enhanced efficiency and a unique combination of wear resistant technologies to increase run life with produced solids. The design incorporates U-cup polymer seals to create a virtual seal between plunger and barrel. This seal prevents any particles from coming in between the plunger and the barrel to minimize wear. It also increases pump efficiency by reducing slippage. This is accomplished by using the best available field-tested technologies and processes.

Category: Sand Pump Designs

Standard Pump Features

  • Chrome I.D. Barrels
  • Spray Metal Poly Pak Plunger
  • Titanium Carbide Balls—Tungsten Carbide Seats
  • Q2-Flow Insert Guided Cages
  • Q2-Check Top Gas Check Assembly

Advanced Features

  • Duplex Chrome I.D. barrels
  • Spray Metal Poly Pak Plunger
  • Plunger is manufactured with plain or grooved outside surface
  • U-cup seal grooves are available in 1,2 and 3 grooves at each end of plunger


  • Handles frac sand, formation sand, iron sulfide and formation fines
  • Improved pump efficiency
  • Extended pump run life
  • Advanced, field-proven materials
  • Configuration and material flexibility allows us to meet well conditions