Q2-D Guide

Q2-D Guide is designed to protect the valve rod by stabilizing and minimizing wear on the valve rod and valve rod guide.
A standard valve rod guide wears out by side loading in the deviated wells, which may also wear the pump hold down, resulting in pump failure.

Categories: Accessories, Cages, Fittings | Valves


Q2-D Guide features a three-component design consisting of a clutch, carbide insert, and body. The clutch and body are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, and Brass. Other materials are available to suit your well conditions and to increase pump run life. Available in Fluted or Vertical Ported Configurations.


  • Minimizes wear on rod guide
  • Improves pump run life
  • Eliminated hold down assembly wear.
  • Minimizes pump failure when pounding.