Q2-Balanced Pressure Pump (Tapered Barrel)


The Q2 Balanced Pressure Pump is a tapered barrel pump which balances the pressure below and above the plunger near the top of the upstroke of the sucker rod pump. The design feature eliminates the need for the plunger to compress the fluid-gas mixture during the downstroke which yields several benefits. It is available in an RH pump configuration in several materials and coatings.

Category: Gas Pump Designs

Features & Benefits

  • Available in:
    • Brass or alloy steel with nickel carbide coating on all surfaces
    • Alloy steel, boronized inside diameter
  • Precision honed, optimized taper for success with a wide variety of fluid viscosities
  • Standard RH pump threaded connections
  • Sizes: 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2-1/4″

  • Pressure balance near top of stroke
    • Raises MPRL for longer rod life
    • Eliminates fluid and gas pound
    • Eliminates gas lock
    • Reduces downstroke sucker rod compression
    • Reduces bowing of valve rod and sucker rods on downstroke, extending rod and tubing life