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Q2‐Kick Flush Valve

The Q2 Kick Flush Valve is a new technology system that allows the producer to leave rod pump downhole when steam is used in a thermal application.

This Kick Flush Valve enables the ability to disengage ball from seat to allow steaming through the ID of down hole rod pump. It uses a patented spoon that is profiled like a spade reducing the flat spots at the end of the spoon. We also utilize the Q2-Flow patented flow design through the standing cage. Q2 currently manufactures this kick valve system in carbon steel in 5 big bore sizes.

Category: Accessories


This allows producer to be able to apply steam injection down tubing column through downhole rod pump eliminating removing pump from well.
Decreases overall maintenance costs.


• Assisted Alignment (Patented)
o Our seat plug spoon is profiled like a spade reducing the flat spots at the end of the spoon. There is also a helical ramp cut into the cross bar in the top of the standing cage. These two features, combine on engagement, to reduce the possibility of the spoon head hitting the top of the standing cage and not engaging. This reduces time on surface trying to turn the rod string to orientate the spoon into the right position and increased overall reliability of the tool.
• One Piece Cage Design
o Our standing cage is made of one piece of bar stock which is milled to spec. Welding the bar is not required which increases the durability and strength of the standing cage.
• Path (Patented)
o Utilized the knowledge of the flow design of our one-piece cages and incorporated it into the standing cage to provide maximum flow through the standing cage.
• Standing Valve Probe
o Probe is threaded into the top of the standing cage for easy replacement without having to the entire cage if only the probe is damaged.