Q2 Artificial Lift Services


Q2 ALS has entered an agreement with Raise Production Inc.

Q2 Artificial Lift Services is excited to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Raise Production Inc. to be the exclusive distributor for North America.


Under the terms of the agreement, Q2 ALS will employ its sales and marketing expertise to distribute Raise Production Inc. unique three systems that can be used independently or in combination in horizontal wellbores being:


✔️The High Angle Reciprocating Pump (“HARP™)

✔️The Raise Efficient Artificial Lift (“REAL™”) Horizontal Separator

✔️The Horizontal Artificial Recovery Technology (“HART™”).


Raise Production Inc. is a technologically driven, publicly listed Oil & Gas Service Company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Raise’s specialized recovery and pumping solutions optimize capital efficiency and has a proven ability to access stranded reserves vs. re-frack or new drills along with demonstrating ability to materially reduce well decline curves.


Q2 Artificial Lift Services is a world class down hole rod pump company that specializes in the sales, service, engineering, and manufacturing of down hole reciprocating pumps.  We are a fully integrated company with 30+ repair and service locations strategically located across Western Canada and the United States.

Both Q2 ALS and Raise Production Inc. are technology & innovation in motion and look forward to a mutual beneficial working relationship.


For further information contact your local Q2 ALS sales representative.


Doug Quinn



Q2 Artificial Lift Services