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Q2 Premium Sand Twister Component

The new Patent Pending Q2 Sand Twister component is an innovative tool that surpasses the performance of standard top plunger cages in high solids/abrasive down hole conditions. The Sand Twister tool technology makes use of vortex inducing geometry for improved suspension of solids on the down stroke.

On the up stroke, the solids are redirected to the center axis of the pump away from the precision barrel-to-plunger interface. This tool prevents scoring of the barrel, reduces the accumulation of sand that seizes pumps and increases the pumps longevity in severe solids conditions.

The Sand Twister tool is made of durable MONEL® material combining excellent corrosion resistance with mechanical strength. A precision ground, nickel-based, thermal spray coating protects the outer diameter of the Sand Twister against severe abrasive and corrosive conditions.

Categories: Accessories, Premium Sand Twister Component


  • Monel component to increase strength and promote corrosion resistance
  • Precision Machined
  • Beveled Edge
  • Spray Metal Coated
  • Q2-Flow Cages


  • Extends run lives
  • Eliminates sand from settling between plunger and barrel
  • Increases pump efficiency