Q2 Artificial Lift Services' spray welding process applies thermal spray and fuse coatings using proprietary mechanized equipment assuring uniform hardness and thickness of the coatings to all Spray-metal plungers, Spray Metal valve rods, Pull tubes, and Spray metal polish rods.

Shot blasting of all products prior to coating cleans and coarsens the metal’s surface area for maximum bond integrity.

Proven combustion powder thermal spray system maintains constant supply for consistent coating results over high-volume production runs. Induction fusing to 1900ºF - 2000ºF using a high frequency coil ensures complete and uniform fusion and a superior metallurgical bond to the substrate.

The self-fluxing alloy powders used are nickel based for excellent corrosion resistance. They contain chromium, boron, and silicon for increased strength, toughness, hardness, and wearability. Upgraded Tungsten Carbide powder has 40% carbide content for extreme abrasion resistance.

The fully dense, impermeable coating micro-structure is highly resistant to corrosion and is ground to tight tolerance and a fine finish. Spray metal hardness typically up to 60 HRC and the upgraded Tungsten Carbide spray metal hardness typically up to 65 HRC.