Q2 ALS THC API tubing pump is a heavy-walled design with a stationary barrel along with a re-trievable plunger assembly. These pumps are suitable for high production, sandy, viscous wells. The API tubing pump is not designed for gaseous wells due to the poor compression ratio. Even though barrel is 1/4” in thickness there is still a depth limitation of 5,000’ due to higher rod loads. There is more cost related to servicing of this style of pump due to barrel assembly is ran down hole with tubing and then plunger assembly is run down with rod string. Tubing needs to be pulled to retrieve pump barrel.


  • High Volume wells
  • Viscous wells
  • Sandy wells
Category: API Pumps

Benefits & Features

  • High adaptability
  • High-fluid-volume
  • Heavy-walled, internally threated barrel
  • Bottom hold-down
  • Universally accepted design