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Sucker Rod

Rod application is dependent on well depth, load, and corrosion as a minimum. There are other factors that contribute heavily to the proper design of the rod string as well as a proper corrosion inhibition program in operation on the well.

Category: Specialty Tubing & Sucker Rod

Our Steel Sucker Rods

Q2ALS has designed our rods using well proven engineering, starting with the raw materials, processing techniques and heat treatment.

Q2 ALS rods are literally manufactured from the ground up, it is virgin steel. We use integrated steel mills that start with raw iron, transform this into steel, then add the necessary alloys to produce the grades of materials we require. During the process of manufacturing the steel it is desulfurized and dephosphorized. Most other manufacturers providing products in North America use mini mills that recycle steel such as old cars and appliances that lead to elements in their steel (such as aluminum and copper) that have a negative effect, requiring the addition of grain refining materials to overcome these issues.



Quality Above and Beyond

  • Raw material samples are sent and tested in a national level laboratory
    to ensure they match the mill certifications
  • Quality gates are set at all operations for review and approval prior to moving to the next process
  • Mechanical properties testing occurs in the factory and test samples
    are sent to a national level laboratory for validation and final approval
  • Straightness requirements are more stringent than API 11B
  • 100% magnetic particle examination of the upset ends after heat treatment
  • 100% inspection of all machined surfaces