Q2-Shear Tool

Q2-Shear Tool is designed to protect sucker rod string from excess stress. It is designed to fail at a predetermined load, which is less than the maximum allowable load of sucker rod string.

Q2-Shear Tool is used to disconnect the sucker rod string from the pump when pump seizes or rod gets stuck in the tubing or seating nipple. To ensure maximum coupling wear resistance, a high strength steel with excellent work hardening characteristics has been selected. Shear pin holes have sufficient counter sinking to permit moderate coupling wear without the possible loss of shear pins.

Categories: Accessories, Production Tools


Q2-Shear Tool is available in Pin by Box and Box by Box designs. It consists of body and pins: body is made from 1144 carbon steel and pins are made from W1 tool steel. Threads are conformed to latest edition of API 11B.


  • The ability to disconnect a sucker rod string from a seized pump
  • The ability to have a coupling fail rather than a sucker rod parting in the string
  • The ability to recondition and run couplings more than once