KingKrome – SS

Q2 ALS Stainless Steel Chrome I.D barrels are manufactured with a sophisticated process to achieve higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Our Barrels are made from Grade-AISI 501 Stainless Steel as these are high-alloy steels with 4.0-6.0% Chromium content. These barrels would be suitable for severe Abrasion, mild Sour conditions (Mild H2S) and restrained CO2 environment. Q2 ALS Stainless steel Barrels also meet the Latest edition of API 11AX Specification and NACE Standard MR0176.

Category: Barrels


Quality of preparation before chroming
guarantees long shelf life of product&
durability in the ground.


Chrome plated barrels are precision honed ID, chemically cleaned and pre‐etched and polished to meet specification. These barrels provide hardness up to 70 HRC with a minimum thickness of 0.003” per side.

Our chrome plating process employs a proprietary high-speed catalyst which provides more uniform planning, high hardness, increases micro crack density and reduces porosity from 25‐50% to less than 15% than traditional chrome barrels. These factors provide extended chrome life in abrasive conditions and protect against abrasion damage.

Solution chemistry and actual chrome plated samples are tested on a regular basis in accordance to Q2 Artificial Lift Services’ strict quality management system to maintain the highest quality product.