Q2 Artificial Lift Services


Gas Relief Max Flow Pump


Q2-Max Flow pump is designed to have an even flow through the entire pump with properly de-signed exit flow area. It handles gas that breaks inside the pump efficiently and keeps the pump from gas locking. It performs well in horizontal well bores where free gas interferes with the pump.


• Wells with high gas
• For maximum production

Category: Specialty Pumps

Benefits & Features

  • Extremely low fluid slippage maximizes efficiency
  • Gas relief valve relieves gas into tubing
  • Positive suction in both upstroke and down stroke
  • Dual compression for handling fluids with high GLR
  • Reduces gas interference
  • Even flow through the entire pump reduces rod buckling
  • High performance chrome plated barrels using proprietary formula


Q2-Trak utilizes the latest generation of web technology to enable real-time analysis of pump service data and to provide advanced analytical re-porting designed to optimize pump-run life and minimize costs.

  • Q2-Trak features detailed well history with run life analysis.
  • Pumpsheet break down, component analysis
  • Advanced sorting, filtering & grouping
  • Customizable data columns with data export options.