Dual Compression Pump


Q2-High Compression pump is designed to pro-vide highest compression in the pump intake, it delivers positive suction in both upstroke and downstroke. Dual compression and dual suction keeps the pump from gas locking. Q2-Flow one piece cage used in this pump maximizes efficiency by reducing the pressure drop by 40%, which sig-nificantly reduces the gas from breaking inside the pump. It performs well in horizontal well bores where free gas interference is an issue.


• Wells with high gas
• For maximum production
• Horizontal well bores

Category: Sand Pump Designs

Benefits & Features

  • Extremely low fluid slippage
  • High efficiency
  • Positive suction in both upstroke and down stroke
  • Dual compression for handling fluids with high GLR
  • Minimizes gas interference
  • High performance chrome plated barrels using proprietary formula


Q2-Trak utilizes the latest generation of web technology to enable real-time analysis of pump service data and to provide advanced analytical reporting designed to optimize pump-run life and minimize costs.

  •  Q2-Trak features detailed well history with run life analysis.
  • Pump sheet break down, component analysis
  •  Advanced sorting, filtering & grouping
  • Customizable data columns with data export options.