Combo Plungers

This plunger combines the benefits of a Pressure Activated plunger, the seal surface of a conventional spray metal plunger, and the additional solids moving capability of a frac sand plunger. It is recommended for moving any type of solids, including coal fines, formation sand, frac sand etc., particularly in high water cut wells where lubrication is a problem.

Category: Plungers

Features & Advantages

  • Spray metal coated plunger protects against corrosion and wear.
  • Plunger has 0.005” fit size to allow trash to pass by the plunger.
  • PA rings help to lift‚ sand, trash and scale through the barrel.
  • PolyPak rings provide excellent seal.


  • Plunger is manufactured from 1026 Carbon Steel tubing material with 10 PA rings and 1 PolyPak per end.
  • Plunger is spray metal coated with Nickel or Tungsten Carbide.
  • Minimum thickness of spray metal is 0.010 in. per side.