Portfolio Category: Cages & Fittings

Q2-D Guide

Q2-D Guide is designed to protect the valve rod by stabilizing and minimizing wear on the valve rod and valve rod guide. A standard valve rod guide wears out by side loading in the deviated wells, which may also wear the pump hold down, resulting in pump failure.
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Cages & Fittings

Cages & Fittings are made from Brass Steel Monel, Stainless, etc. Every Q2 Artificial Lift Services' cage is designed to permit a smooth, non-turbulent fluid flow. Our Q2-Flow insert guided cage was developed to provide the maximum service life in the severe conditions. Q2 Artificial Lift Services utilizes Tangentflow™ Inserts.
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Balls & Seats

Balls and seats are critical components of any reciprocating subsurface pump. Selection of proper materials of balls and seats can save needless pump pulling and repair costs. Rigid specification, precision machining, fine lapping and polishing and vacuum testing of each and every ball and seat ensures that Q2 Artificial Lift Services' Balls and Seats conform…
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