Q2-HTT (Heat Treated Tubing)


Q2-HTT is a simple, cost effective product to minimize tubing failures. What it means to you is significant savings from related work over costs. How many work overs are you doing in a year that is related to rod/tubing wear? 15% or 20% of the time? Rig costs can easily be $10,000 per day. A work over to repair a tubing leak can be a 3 day job. If 15 out of 100 work overs are to fix tubing leaks that equates to $450,000/year.

  • Wear resistance – an ID case hardness level of 45-50 HRC for J55 & 50-55 HRC for L80 (type1) is achieved and penetrates the wall to a minimum depth of 0.010”
  • Ductile and Tough – OD of tubing remains in its original state of 23 HRC, keeping the tube flexible and strong.
  • Corrosion resistance – Because the wall of the tube is not hardened all the way through, it resists H2S embrittlement.
  • Reduce surface friction of ID of tubing.
  • Reduce rig operational costs.