2020 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course


The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Association, Inc., (SWPSC) is a non-profit education organization blending the talents of the Texas Tech University petroleum engineering faculty and petroleum production experts from all over.

The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course was started in 1953 as an annual conference to disseminate practical technical information to the Oil  Gas Industry as the West Texas Oil Lifting Short Course.  The original concept of the Short Course was as a beam lift school. Over the years the emphasis has become much broader and now, while still emphasizing artificial lift methods, includes the areas of drilling, well completions, stimulation, workover, reservoir operations, and production handling.  The Short Course is unique in that experts in the various disciplines write technical papers and present those papers at the annual conference in a classroom forum type setting.  All papers are printed, bound and distributed as the Annual Proceedings of the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course. The information shared is intended to be practical and immediately useful in solving current problems and in presenting new techniques and practices to the oil and gas industry. The Short Course continues to maintain a special relationship with Texas Tech University that provides a sense of academic continuity and cultural interaction with faculty, staff, and students.